“My 17 year old son Benjamin has been taking piano lessons with Ms Marina since he was 6 years old.  Over the years, Ms Marina has been so much more than our piano teacher, she has become a very important part of my son’s live.  Ms Marina is an absolutely wonderful teacher. She has high and strict standard, yet also very warm and supportive as a teacher.  My son has progressed tremendously under Ms Marina’s guidance. Music is part of him and a ways for him to express himself.  Through Ms Marina’s teaching, piano and music has brought such joy and enrichment to our lives.”
Yang Wang (Geng)

“My 15 year old son Oliver has been studying piano with Mrs. Grudskaya for 8 years and my 13 year old daughter Emma for 5 years. I respect Mrs. Grudskaya because she is a highly dedicated and experienced piano teacher.  She challenges her students.  She is keen to identify the musical strengths of each student and chooses pieces that best suit them. Mrs. Grudskaya is committed to helping her students appreciate the value of learning music.”
Kristin To

“My 8 year old son and 13 year old daughter, and myself have been studying with Ms Marina for over two years. Ms Marina teaches a very systematic way. Not only does she put a lot of effort in laying a good foundation on technique, she also helps to develop musicality by explaining the music and inspiring student’s imagination. She is also very kind and patient teacher. We are lucky to have her as our piano teacher.”  Lihua Li